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a Global Solution

Specialised in lighting design for the retail industry, Artheos Group is made of 3 companies that combined their complementary expertise and know-how.

With 25 years of experience in lighting, digital solutions, and more than 10 years in electrical installations and maintenance, Artheos Group has become a trusted partner for many projects worldwide.

With a complete offer including all aspects of electrical installations, lighting and digital solutions, Artheos Group is your prefered partner from the concept phase to the deployment at your selling points, all while relying on a single professional team who can manage all aspects of your project, bringing together the creative and technical constraints.


CSR, a daily approach

Artheos Group is committed to corporate responsibility (CSR), with a model that is socially and environmentally friendly. Our sustainability engagement relies on our company’s core values and a policy of responsibility throughout our entire supply chain, including careful selection and auditing of our providers.


Light design

Relying on its technical skills and experience, Artheos Lighting is your partner of choice for all lighting projects in retail, whether they include indoor or outdoor architectural designs.
Our expertise ensures a unique lighting approach with a high-quality colour rendering. In this environment, consumers’ experience with the combination of products, retail areas and brand image is significantly enhanced.


Artheos Group’s ability to design and implement high-quality customized solutions ensure that the delivered projects meet your expectations within the technical and budget constraints. In the process, we take into account specific local and cultural elements to further differentiate your retail point from the competition and to better align with customers’ expectations. Our approach combines effective solutions with the use of LED cutting edge technological advances to deliver solutions that save energy and drive quicker return on investment.
Our production sites are ISO 9001 and SEDEX certified to ensure trace ability, quality standards, and social and environmental responsibility.


Artheos Group can provide you the same services globally, thus becoming your lighting solutions’ partner wherever you decide to expand your geographical footprint. In every location we can support the deployment of your project including the installation, adjustments and professional maintenance of your lighting concept.
Our end-to-end control of the supply chain and providers, along with our experience managing projects all around the world, is your guarantee that your lighting concept will deliver on its promises at all your retail points.
A global player with projects implemented in over 70 countries, we understand and adapt to each local constraint (technical, regulatory, customs related), ensuring a turn-key solution that meets your lighting concept while respecting local specificities.


New and renovation works

Our teams are specialised in retail. They can manage both off-the-ground new projects or renovation projects of existing retail spaces. In working with you, we can manage all electrical aspects, from rough electrical to low tension electrical and installation of the fixtures. Our contracting is flexible and can be stand-alone for the lighting project or through your contractor, in either way following your project specifications.
Thanks to the recognised expertise of our teams, we are a trusted partner for projects that range from mass market retail chains of stores, to luxury brands as well as large scale housing projects and public offices.


The follow-up of your project can be managed and monitored directly by our teams. In doing so we ensure a seamless coordination between your project team and the project owner at your company.

We are certified Qualifelec. This means we continuously invest in job training for our teams to remain at the forefront of innovation and customers satisfaction is our priority.
Our experience and established credibility in the field is your guarantee for a careful and quality work.
To meet your needs and manage a partial or full renovation of existing retail stores, we can intervene at night or during the day, as your discretion. We can repair or rewire your lighting networks from the main panel up to the fixture itself, in high or low tension, or can replace bulbs as needed.


For all your projects, our expertise and network of providers guarantee a smooth roll-out of your project across all your retail or technical locations, wherever they are located in France or abroad.



Our experience and expertise allow us to take into account all aspects of your project during the initial evaluation phase, from merchandising, architecture to special contraints specific to each project and customer. On-site visits as well as the careful evaluation of the architectural by our experts ensure we can propose the most adapted lighting solutions and choices of equipment that will offer an optimal end-result.


During the Initial Evaluation Phase, we collect all inputs that will drive the overall design of the lighting concept and establish the project list for the selected fixtures. Our design team is accustomed to developing creative and customized lighting concepts, and to duplicate them or adapt them to international requirements.


Our design team is capable of developing solutions and fixtures that meet technical and aesthetical constraints of your projects. We use the latest innovative approaches and technologies available to guarantee the best outcome.



Specialised in LED and LCD screen assembly for the retail industry for over 20 years, we are present in over 25 countries and have established a strong network of trusted providers’ partnerships.
This network of partners allows us to provide you the same level of service in all your locations while offering a short turn-around to manage all aspects of the digital solutions installed in the retail stores.


From the installation phase to the maintenance of standard or LED panels, Artheos Digital can support all your digital projects.
Thanks to its expertise and global presence, Artheos can therefore provide an end-to-end solution and be your trusted partner for your digital projects. We can also test an existing digital installation and provide an unbiased comprehensive diagnostic that can inform what upgrade, renewal or replacement parts your installation requires. All this within controlled budgets.


Audit, consulting, responsiveness and flexibility are the main assets of Artheos Group enabling us to meet the customers’ requirements in short delays.



We believe that the local service is essential to understand the cultural specificities of the countries where we deliver.
We remain convinced that customer satisfaction is achieved through ongoing communication with a person on site,
with the same nationality and the same culture.

Select contacts on the map

Our customers are supported by our local agencies for greater responsiveness.
They are located in cities with strong economic influence: Paris, St Petersburg, Hong Kong and soon Dubai.
They provide customer care and handle administrative formalities.

They trust us

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